South African Eclectic Music Scene 

Year : 2010 - 2014

Shangaan Electro is a dance movement and musical style born from a 21st-century reboot of local folk traditions in South African townships,Tsonga Disco and Kwaito House. The movement has been spearheaded by the producer Nozinja in recent years, who has turned it into an iconicAfro-futurist strain of electronic dance music. (WikiPedia 

Over a three year period I documented the Shangaan Electro scene for several publications culminating in a conceptual video with Shangaan Electro pioneer, Nozinja, who is now signed to WARP. 


Directed By. Chris Saunders
Production Company. Ola Films
Producer. Olivia Leitch
Post Production. Voltaire
Edited by. Malcolm Che
Grade. Pudding