2011 - 2013

Izikhothane (or Skhothane or Ukukhothana) refers to South African showmanship or dance battles in which individuals or groups of individuals compete against each other in front of large crowds to determine which party is wealthier. These 'battles' are performed using material items such as money, mobile phones, clothes, and/or alcohol. In most instances a battle is won by the intentional destruction or wastage of one's own expensive items in order to demonstrate the lack of concern for such material possessions due to the ability to afford more of the same. A competitor's chances of victory are improved by having items that are more expensive than those of their opponent. Source - Wikipedia. 

Over a three year period I wanted to try and understand a growing youth culture in South Africa called the Izikhotane. I embarked on several portrait sessions and as well documenting some of crews from around Johannesburg. My conclusion was that the culture was an obsession with the material but also a bond between different cliques from the neighbourhoods, a new ritual and mechanism of expression as well as way for the youth to enjoy themselves and feel part of a scene.