Client : Keep A Child Alive (NGO)

Creative Director : Earle Sebastian 

Year : 2014

In 2014, Chris Saunders was hired by KCA to travel to supported programs in South Africa, Uganda and Rwanda, to document the work done, and to tell the stories of people living with HIV through the medium of photography. KCA works with community-based organizations that provide loving services to children and families living with, and affected by, HIV.  In briefing this project, it was KCA’s intention to break away from the journalistic approach commonly adopted in this field. To not only avoid a representation of victimhood and suffering, but in fact to capture what we see in our work every day – the hope, resilience and determination of all people – including those living with HIV. Chris was perfect for this assignment. Knowing that Chris’s background in fashion photography would bring a different lens through which to view - one that is drawn to beauty, personality and the power of expression - KCA Creative Director, Earle Sebastian, was excited to have him on board. That, added to Chris’s keen sense of visual storytelling, and his personal sensibility as a South African, gave the images a humanity and energy that totally reflects the values and spirit of KCA. We are so proud to share this work.  A series of 8-12 pictures will be displayed in this exhibit, captured across the three programs Chris visited.